What Our Members Say

"I've been a member for years! I love the summer, fall and frozen shares!!"

"It's a new concept to us (deciding what to eat based on what we get) but it's a welcome change."

"This was our first year as a CSA customer of your farm and we were part of your new drop site in Plymouth. Besides eating and enjoying vegetables we never would have bought or seen at our local store I had the added benefit of improved health and significant weight loss by making dietary changes to make sure I ate all the bounty we were provided...  I will be letting all my friends that remain here know about the experience we had and hope some will will become subscribers."

"It's only my first week with Ploughshare, but so far I LOVE it!  We have had the oriental soy bok choi recipe, a spinach quiche, vegetable risotto and awesome salad.  Is it just me or do your vegetables taste better than the supermarket vegetables?  I'm just so enjoying eating again and especially knowing exactly where my food came from...not that far away!  Thank you, thank you!"

"The vegetables where absolutely Wonderful and it was like getting a great gift every week. the herbs were our favorite. Your onions are still being enjoyed."

"The array of color, smell, and taste are just heavenly. I put a bowl of steamed carrots and summer squash in front of our 13-month old grandchild and she couldn't get them in her mouth fast enough. "

"Your vegetables are fantastic, fabulous, DELICIOUS. I LOVE the produce I receive from you every week. I couldn't be happier with everything. I am so glad that I found you at that green expo at the fairgrounds. I can just walk over to St. Marks every Thursday. (except the boxes are now too heavy for me to carry and walk home) The carrots are just like I just pulled them out of the garden when I used to garden in ND --- so sweet and so fresh. (My husband is lucky if he gets a couple!) Just to let you know we love kale more than swiss chard so don't think we're ever unhappy to see kale. I don't know how to sign up for next year but put me on the list."

"The vegetables were so good. It was fun to try new ones."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! We tell everyone we know about the farm. And have been happy enjoying the fresh produce you have supplied us with for the last two years. My kids get so excited every time we go to pick up our box. Thank you!!!!"

"Although the price is higher than the market it is definitely worth the cost to know my family is enjoying the freshest and best tasting fruits and vegetables around!"

"There is no comparison in value when the CSA is stacked up against buying organic in the store. The CSA wins handedly. This is especially true of the frozen shares in the winter. They are so easy - just open and add. Absolutely love them!"

"Variey is excellent. I know it is difficult to offer so much but you do an excellent job"

"Just wanted to let you know how much fun I am having making baby food out of our vegetables! My daughter is only 4 months (so, not quite ready for solids yet) so I have been steaming, pureeing and freezing for her, for when she's ready. I love knowing exactly what will be going into her little body :)"

"It's fantastic for adventurous veggie lovers, which I consider myself!"

"Truly wonderful!!!!"

"..fresh, extremely flavorful, carefully packed to avoid damage."

"Couldn't ask for better!"

"It showd my kids where really fresh food comes from!"

"The produce was of great quality, and the delivery was great."

"EVERYONE said that last week's produce was delicious and they were so looking forward to this week.  Thanks to all on your end who work so many hours to give us this gift! "

"I was worried that a frozen share would taste like what you buy at the grocery store and this just doesn't at all. It tastes fresh and smells fresh. Plus its so easy to make a meal because the work is pretty much done for you."