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Basil Pecan Pesto

2 cups fresh packed basil leaves, washed and dried

2/3 cup pecan oil

½ cup pecans, lightly toasted and cooled

1/3 cup grated Ryals Asiago (you can omit this if you are freezing it)

2 large garlic cloves, chopped and mashed to a paste with ½ tsp Avery Island salt


In a food processor, blend together all ingredients with extra salt to taste until smooth. Pesto will keep chilled for 1 week if you keep the surface covered with plastic wrap. If you are not going to use it right away put it in a small glass jar or place in ice cubes trays and freeze. Then place the single serving cubes in a ziploc freezer bag and leave in freezer until ready to use. I generally add the cheese fresh when I’m ready to serve the pesto.

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