"Heart of the Season" Share

 7 Weeks-- Late July through Early September

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We have named this option "Heart of the Season" because this is prime time for many garden vegetables that most people love and enjoy. During the period of time for these deliveries our fields will be in abundance of items like tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, and melons (just to name a few).  These boxes will also include many of the other  greens, herbs, root crops that are in season during this period of time as well.  They will be delivered in a 1 and 1/9 bushel box.

  The "Heart of the Season" option will be delivered weekly, July 25th through September 5th.  These shares are perfect for those that wish to have fresh, local produce for their summer get-togethers or to have at their summer lake cabin. 

$395 in St. Cloud and the Metro area

$370 in Alexandria

$380 in , Elbow Lake, Sauk Centre and Fergus Falls

You can go to http://ploughsharefarm.com/slideshow/1524

to see photos of the typical amount and variety that you will receive in our standard CSA share.

Product Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cabbage: Early      
Pepper: Bell or Sweet      
Pepper: Hot      
Swiss Chard      
Oriental Greens      
Greens: Lettuce      
Greens: Lettuce      
Green Beans      
Lettuce note      

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We highly recommend that you sign up now for your 2015 CSA share. We will sell out of our CSA shares and some of our shares are selling out very quickly already.  We have payment plans available (with the use of credit card or echeck).  Click HERE to register.