Flower Shares



We are a family farm, growing over 250 varieties of decorative plants forMinnesota’s top designers, and now offering these same florist grade flowers to members of Ploughshare Farm! For each of twelve weeks, starting around late June, members will receive a bunch of seasonal flowers, from the garden favorites that everyone loves to the more exotic botanicals known only to boutique designers. Most will last over a week, so you can combine flowers from one share to the next. Indulge your inner designer! Divide your share into multiple vases, give some to friends…you will enjoy an abundance of beautiful, fresh, local flowers.






Fresh flowers all summer long - 12 shares for only $236.9, tax included!


Best of all, our growing practices are similar toGary’s – we maintain our rich soil with compost, rotate our crops, and never use synthetic pesticides. Buying local from Prairie Garden Farm means not having to worry about chemical residues, unfair labor practices, or the petroleum used to ship flowers half-way around the world.

PrairieGardenFarm – Fresh, local flowers, grown with care

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