How our CSA Differs

What makes Ploughshare Farm different from the other CSA’s out there?

There are now dozens of CSA’s that are operating in the state of MN.  Each farm has its unique identity that makes them special.  Some important things to consider about Ploughshare Farm are the following:

Years of experience: We have been farming since 1998 and operating our Community supported Agriculture program since 2002.  Our years of experience have taught us how to grow high quality vegetables.  We are continuously asking ourselves how we can do things better and nurture our operation in a positive direction.

Family Farm: Ploughshare Farm is owned and operated by our family and provides our livelihood.  We are a family of six with four boys under the age of fifteen.  It is important to us to feed our family nourishing, fresh, organic vegetables.  We feed ourselves the food we grow and sell to you and we keep in mind the food that families want to eat.

Certified Organic: We are USDA Certified Organic. This means that we follow the national organic standards and document our farming practices to ensure that we are abiding by these standards.  We are inspected on a yearly basis to ensure that our documented practices match the reality of what we are doing on the farm.