How many people does your share feed?
That really depends on your eating and cooking habits.  Some things to think about:  How often do you cook at home?  Are you really into veggies, or are you a ‘beginner’?  Are you feeding small children or growing teenagers?  Generally, a share is the right amount for two vegetable loving adults that really enjoy cooking with fresh produce, or an ‘average’ family of two adults with two small children.

It seems like a lot of food, do you offer half shares?
We now offer "Mini-Shares".  These shares are for individuals or couples who do not eat a lot of vegetables. In addition, we do have many shareholders who "share" a box with a friend, neighbor or relative.  The members who end up sharing a share have told us that this option ends up being a really valuable opportunity to connect with these friends on a regular basis.  

What does "seasonal eating" mean?
The advent of cheap fossil fuels and intensive investment in transportation infrastructure has made out-of-season produce so commonplace that most consumers no longer even know when produce is in season locally.  You will learn these cycles of nature as a CSA shareholder.  Spring is a bonanza of greens for salads, sauté, and stir fry.  Summer starts with a profusion of summer squash and cukes, crescendos with sweet, ripe heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn, and ends with the harvest of the first winter squash.  Fall brings cool nights and warm days, and the best broccoli and spinach you ever ate, along with an abundance of beets and carrots to savor in winter soups.

Is there a deadline for signing up?
There is no deadline for signing up for a given season. Shares are sold on a first come, first serve basis and are available until we are sold out.  We recommend registering before April 1st.

Do you offer any special payment plans?
Yes, we have a scheduled payment plan that will automatically withdraw payments from your credit card account on a monthly basis.  You will be given this option when you register.

Can I become a pick-up site host?
Many times we are looking for new drop sites for our CSA shares.  In order to begin delivering to a new site we look for a minimum of 15 share members.  Any new drop sites should be fairly close to our current delivery route. These sites must have a covered location (garages work great) accessible for our delivery driver as well as our CSA members.  Drop site coordinators receive an extremely discounted CSA share. If you are interested in learning more about the responsibilities of becoming a drop site coordinator please email me.

What if I go on vacation?
No problem. If you are unable to pick up your box on a given week and are unable to find someone on your own who wishes to pick up for you please contact your drop site coordinator.  Many of our drop site coordinators will take extra vegetables to a local food shelf or they will find a friend or neighbor who will use the vegetables.

When does the CSA run?
Our CSA runs from early June through October, for an 18 week harvest season.  Exact dates vary from year to year and will be emailed out to shareholders a few weeks before the first harvest.  We also offer a storage share option which is delivered once a month for three months in the fall.  Our frozen winter share winter options are delivered once a month for 4 months during the winter.  More information is available under Share Options.